Title: Lyr Levaine's Grimoire

By useing this guide, it is possible to determine the exact nature of any scroll that you might find, without the need for a costly identify spell or scroll. The layout of the guide is as follows : Unidentified appearance:Appraised value:Item description (look scroll):and Identified item name(what the scroll really is)
to conserve space, only the most relevant parts of the item description are listed here.
scrolls that an appraise of 10 will not id are braketed with ?(value)?
detect evil/good scrolls are indestingushable from each other. an ident will be needed.

1) a plain scroll:250cp:an unremarkable scroll with a strange script:Armor
2) Old yellowed scroll:500cp:old piece of yellowed parchment...:Fireball
3) crisp new scroll:250:...with a series of holy symbols scrawled...:Bless
4) tattered scroll:100:...worn-out and almost illegible...:magic mapping
5) pristine white scroll:250:Brilliant...has been written...:Cure light wounds
6) Firmly penned scroll:500:..Penned in a firm hand of black ink...:detect good/evil
7) Translucent scroll:250:crisp, translucent scroll:Slow
8) Rainbow-coloured scroll:750:scroll with the color of the rainbow:Mindblade
9) crisp scroll:100:crisp white scroll: magic missile
10) ancient looking scroll:1500:...which cracks with age under...:lightning bolt
11) crisp white scroll:250:..scores of tiny, pale colored runes..:chilling touch
12) crisp white scroll:250:..pale, reddish runes:burning hands
13) crisp white scroll:2500:...and seemingly not a day old:sanctify
14) crisp white scroll:1000:crisp white scroll:remove curse
15) plain scroll:250:..covered with writing in an arcane language...:calm
16) leather scroll:?10000?:carefully tanned...many strange and arcane...:recall
17) pale white scroll:?10000?:...which strangely fade away...:amnesia
18) plain scroll:250:...with a number of symbols written on it:cure poison
19) thick parchment scroll:2000:..creased in some places...:astral gate
20) worn scroll:250:..rolled up and tied in a bundle:shock
21) old worn scroll:2000:very old, very worn...rolled up in a small bundle:identify
22) old scroll:5000:....inscribed with many arcane runes and diagrams:minor enchant
23) plain scroll:50:...plain white scroll covered with a strange script:create light