Religions :: Xiroce

Xiroce, the Lord of the Dead, is one of the Ebon Triumvirate. There is no
definitive record of Xiroce actually appearing to a living being, but his
followers claim that he is insubstantial, as a phantasm. The spectral form is
said to be that of a male, dressed in fine clothes without ostentation or
ornementation. It is impossible to tell what shade or hue his hair or eyes
were to have been in life.

The Lord of the Dead is ward of all the souls that have passed Morr's
transition and not returned for Morkith's unlife. He despises all that is
alive, though waits with an unearthly patience, knowing that in time, they
will all become his. Xiroce seethes over the concept of Morr determining when
souls come to him, and has been lusting and plotting after his brother's power
for millennia. The gods of Light shun him, but he doesn't seem to mind. He
answers all rejoinders in that form with "Even gods may die, and become mine."
It has never been recorded to happen, but this statement is often uttered by
his faithful.

His symbol is the nightsheart flower, a particular flower that only blooms in
soil that is above a corpse and has not seen the sun since the corpse was
buried. It is a flower with velvety black petals that seem to draw in the
light, with no blemish or splash of any color. The center seems even darker,
though that may be a trick of the light or artistry.

Xiroce will accept followers of any belief save that of life, for he cannot
abide those who hold life with any sanctity.

Allowed worshipper alignment: Any non-good (LN, PN, CN, LE, NE, CE)

Xiroce's Followers