Religions :: Slen

Slen, Lady Luck, Mistress of Chance, Bringer of Good Fortune... the names
mortals call upon her are many. She appears most often to mortals as a human
woman, short of hair and stature, with bright eyes and smile. Her eyes are
often the color of newly-minted coins, and can change value according to her
mood or whim. Alternatively, and more rarely, she appears with mischievous
green eyes. Her favor is also said to be seen in a golden radiance, a coin,
newly minted and unexpectedly found, and a throw of the dice that leaves them
balanced on end.

Lady Luck is a goddess of whim and fancy... she lends her favor to those in
need, though no run of luck lasts forever. Slen has allied herself with Lonil
and the fight of Darkness, as she says there is no room for chance in
Temohpab's evil design. She is said to be the spirit of boons and unexpected
windfalls, of chance and good fortune. She claims she is foe to all of the
Dark Gods, though her followers seem to have a particular rivalry with those
of Lodar.

The symbol of Slen is a circle, divided in half. One half is white, the other
Slen is notoriously lenient in accepting followers, though the clergy prefer
good and neutral aligned worshippers.

Allowed worshipper alignment: any

Slen's Followers