Religions :: Rhiqua

Rhiqua, Mistress of Wyrms, is the lady to whom most dragons hold allegiance.
Though she can be vengeful and capricious, Rhiqua cares little for the Ebon
Triumverate and prefers to remain neutral in the struggles of the Gods.
Instead, she concerns herself primarily with the welfare of her children and
those few among the mortals who are priveleged to enter her service. It is
rumored that the disciples of the Queen of Wyrms must all pay homage to one of
the Great Wyrms to begin their journey down the path of her service. This
may, perhaps, account for the reason so few among the mortals survive to
worship the Wyrm Queen.

Rhiqua once was known as the child of hate. Born to a mother embittered by
her sister's betrayal and a father of darkness and evil who refused to share
his domain with Shantara, the younger sibling of Morkith hated most of
creation and sought to cleanse the world in a torrent of fire. The Child-
Goddess Anor, still hoping for a reunion of her older twin sisters, removed
Rhiqua and left her in the company of the Great Wyrms. There she learned to
love and care for these grand creatures and now devotes herself almost
exclusively to them and those who choose to honor and protect them.

She rarely troubles herself with appearing personally to those who follow her,
but has been known to send an avatar in the form of a small, prismatic-hued
dragon. Most of her children, both draconic and those among the 'lesser
races' that choose to serve her, seek at some point in their lifetimes to find
the path to the lair of the Wyrm Queen, desiring only to lay eyes upon her
stunning form. Those who return from such an audience with their goddess are
oft consumed with the rapture, and tell only of a beauty so awesome that it
cannot be fully comprehended by mortal mind.

Her symbol in its full, formal expression is a soaring dragon backlighted by
the setting sun, though a much more simplified version is merely a single
teardrop shaped prismatic scale.

Rhiqua will condescend to allow any who dare to enter into her service.
Though the way of the dragonkynd is difficult for the comprehension of mere
flesh-clad mortals, the Wyrm Queen's service is not without rewards. The
goddess is as capricious as she is vain, and deals out favor and fury with
equal nonchalance. Those who wish to worship her would do well to appease her
vanity and greed.

Allowed worshipper alignments: Any non-lawful (NG, CG, PN, CN, NE, CE)

Rhiqua's Followers