Religions :: Lonil

Lonil, the Radiant One, is the ruler of the light and all that is good. He is
one of the five Ancients chosen by the original three. He appears most often
to his chosen, known collectively as the Radiance, as a heroic young swordsman
with the gold of the sun glinting in his hair and an ebulliance shining forth
from his sky-blue eyes. His suit of gleaming mithril platemail always
reflects and amplifies the ambient light about him into a soft white halo.
When Lonil strides forth in full righteous fury, however, the glow intensifies
to the point where it can severely damage or even destroy the denizens of
darkness. As the rising sun in glory eradicates the darkness, so is Lonil's
halo of light said to be death to any evil unfortunate enough to look upon him
in wrath. He bears a shield, enameled in white and emblazoned with his
symbol, the sun.

Lonil's followers are known throughout the realm as pure-hearted warriors, as
the light of the Radiant One purges the slightest shadow of evil from the
souls of those who seek to walk in his footsteps. His disciples seek always
to protect the weak and abused, the poor and the innocent, forever striving to
right the wrongs of the world. The virtuous lifestyle of the Knights of the
Radiance earns them a well deserved reputation of chivalry. Always the
followers of Lonil stride forth to bathe even the darkest corners of the world
in the glory of the light, ridding the land of evil's shadow whenever possible.

Lonil is the epitome of good, which may override and supersede the law in the
eyes of his followers, especially when the law is foul and unnecessarily
cruel. Though this sometimes puts him a little at odds with Algesa, they are
often united against Ulthi, the god of Chaos. The Dark Gods view the Radiant
One as their tireless foe, as he stands at the head of the Council of the Gods
of Light. The Ebon Triumverate has a peculiar relationship with Lonil, as
Temohpab and Iniara hate everything he represents, while the light aspect of
Morr gets along quite well with Lonil. In fact, many of that faith claim
friendship, even brotherhood, with Lonil's chosen. The dark followers of
Morr, however, throw their lot in with the other of the Three. Temohpab in
particular battles against Lonil, and is rumored to reserve a special honor
for one of his own who slaughters a Knight of the Radiance. The Radiant One
has countered that with increasing vigilance of the followers of his Light.

The Child-Goddess lost her innocence, his role as protector of Anor, the
child-goddess, gradually became that of mate to Anor.

Followers of the Radiant One must be of good alignment. Though members of any
race who pledge service to the Light may serve him, humans number among the
most prevalent of Lonil's disciples. As practitioners of an art best
practiced in shadow, thieves are not accepted among the Knights of the

Allowed worshipper alignments: Any good (LG, NG, CG)

Lonil's Followers