Religions :: Kryoth

Kryoth, the Eternal Flame, is the goddess of fire, summer's heat and the
deserts of the realm. She is not wont to appear in any form other than a
voice speaking from a blazing fire that does not consume that upon which it
burns, but rare writings have depicted her as a lovely elven woman with a
short cap of flame-red curls and blazing scarlet eyes. Always when she is
sighted in mortal form, she is wreathed in a halo of living flame, beautiful
and terrible.

A passionate, mercurial goddess, Kyroth is ever-changing and flickering, much
like her chosen element. Her temper is searing and her rage frightful but
both burn out quickly, though not often without leaving something scarred in
her wake. She counts no deities as her enemies, nor none save the other
Rulers of the Elements as her allies. Other than the heat of passion and
rage, she is distant from human emotions, detached and alien.

Kryoth is one of the four elemental gods along with Essyn, Kantos, and Osse.
When the world was created, Kryoth brought warmth and light so that all things may thrive.
Her symbol is a blue stylized flame.

The Eternal Flame accepts on those who are willing to follow the cleansing
fury of fire. As such, many of her priests are also gifted in the art of fire

Allowed worshipper alignment: Any.

Kryoth's Followers