Religions :: Kerog

Kerog, the Red Wind, is God of Battle, Tactics, and War. Appearing most often
as a red, misty haze over a battlefield, Kerog is wherever blades are drawn to
fight and kill. The red mist is most often whipped up into a furious wind
that whistles in the ears of the combatants, but they cannot feel. It is
scented of oil, leather, and the coppery tang of blood. When coalescing into
a form, Kerog appears most often as a mysterious figure in crimson plate,
carrying a bastard sword and a shield. The plate is completely unadorned, as
is the shield. Documented reports are also found of Kerog appearing as an
auburn-haired human man, with red eyes and a ruddy complexion. His voice is
calm, but strong as steel. His warhorse, Celadiran, always appears as a red
stallion, though the shade varies from russet to bloody crimson.

Kerog has declared to all his followers that no blade or hand may be raised to
a follower of Taranth. No explanation has ever been offered, nor has any
violation been tolerated. He is foe to Morkith, having fought the Undying
once over harm the demon did to the Lady of Peace. The Red Wind has not
chosen sides among the Light and Dark Gods, preferring instead to be the force
of battle between them.

Kerog's symbol is a red bastard sword, point down. It is unadorned and

The Red Wind accepts followers of any alignment, though he is honored by every
warrior and fighter across the realms. There is an order of monks dedicated
to the way of Kerog, and they are called the Blood Wind. They believe in the
perfection of the body as the ultimate weapon of war.

Allowed worshipper alignment: any

Kerog's Followers