Religions :: Iniara

The brilliance of light must always be balanced by the black of night, and
within this darkness, seething shadows lie in wait. This realm of seductive
shadows is the favored abode of Iniara, the Dark Mistress. Known to her
children, predominantly members of the vyan race, as the Dark Mother, Iniara
is revered as the matriarch of pain and suffering, lust and blood magic.
Indeed, many of her priestesses (for few males ever rise to positions of high
power in her service) bear the marks of ritual scarring and tattoos all over
their bodies, Some of the more zealous among Iniara's worshipers are those
who seek to learn from the moments of ecstasy found only at the height of the
most exquisite pain, and as such, tend to seek out many wild experiences to
gather what wisdom and insight they may from such exotic sensations.

Iniara's devotees are feared by many, both by those who walk in sunlight and
those following the call of the shadow, as the wild revels held by her
worshipers rarely end without the sacrifice of some intelligent being,
usually by the most exquisitely painful (and therefore the most spiritually
enlightening) method possible. Followers of the Dark Mistress seek to wreak
their revenge upon anything and everything they feel has done them wrong,
sometimes merely on the slightest of whims.

Those among her priesthood who have seen manifestations of Iniara claim she
appears most often as a darkly beautiful temptress of the vyan race, with
cold, obsidian skin and eyes that spark with scarlet fury, clad mainly in her
long, molten silver curls. Another, lesser known appearance Iniara has been
found to take is that of an equally beautiful vyan matron, heavily pregnant,
bearing the ritual scars, brands and tattoos of a high priestess all over her
body, her telltale scarlet eyes always flashing with ruby fire.

Iniara's symbol is a sinuously curved dagger, hilt adorned with deep crimson
rubies, often with a drop of blood dangling from the tip of the blade like a
single teardrop.

Even those vyans who patronize deities other than she hold a place in their
heart for the Dark Mistress, whom all recognize as the mother of their race.
Iniara will accept followers as long as they hold no allegiance to good,
although she prefers those with hearts and souls as dark as her own.

Allowed worshiper alignment: Any non-good (LN, PN, CN, LE, NE, CE)

Iniara's Followers