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Weather Magic

Druidic magic revolves around environmental conditions. The ability to
discern these conditions accurately with the
observe skill is the first step
in any druid's career. Soon druids learn how to shape the world around them,
with spells to dry out the air, or create wind, and the affects of such spells
are obvious. However, as with many things, many other small things can also
change the weather conditions around the druids, and the wise druid knows how
such things work.

General principles of Weather Magic:

* Drying spells work best in a dry environment, but actually raise the
humidity slightly in the room. (All the water you pulled from your victim
has to go somewhere!)

* Wind spells often leave a little extra wind behind.

* Aqueous spells increase humidity, very slightly.

* Storm spells usually increase wind for the duration of the storm. Others
may have additional or different affects.

* Significant weather changes always spread, if they are not blocked by closed

* Wind spreads more easily outdoors than in an enclosed space.

* Temperature and humidity changes spread more easily in an enclosed space
than outdoors.

* The passage of time alleviates all changes, though not immediately.

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