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wear : Wear on your body.

Whenever you want to use a piece of equipment, you need to
wear it.
Sometimes, however, you might not be able to wear a certain piece of equipment
for various reasons. The fact that clerics cannot wield a weapon with a blade
may be keeping you from that sword you just won, or the fact that you're
wearing too many layers of armor to put on another breastplate. Sometimes,
however, the equipment you're trying to wear might just be a bit too strong
for you to use properly. When this happens, you'll get the message "You can't
cope with ." Other times, you may sense aversion from an object. This
means that there is an aura within the object that prevents people with
certain characteristics from using it. For example, a holy rod of goodness
and light wouldn't be likely to allow an evil being to use its power. Also,
paladins will blatantly refuse to use any weapon that they consider to be
dishonorable. Once you've adventured the land for a while, you'll begin to
realize the affects that your equipment can have on you, and how to maximize
their effects.

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