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Average Statistics for Vyans

Height: males about 4'8" - 5'8"
females about 4'6" - 5'6"

Hair: typically straight. Pale (white/gray/silver) to Black.
Extremely rarely brown or blond. Vyans have no facial hair.

Eyes: Almond-shaped / up-slanted eyes in colors of primarily
violet or amber. Other colors, such as brilliant blues or
anything from gray to black are also not uncommon.

Affiliation: vyans are a dark race.

Appearance: Vyans look much like humans, though they generally have a smaller,
slenderer build than humans. Vyans tend to have smooth unblemished skin
ranging from midnight black to pale, wan colors and ashen castes. The vyan
with the healthy glow of sun-burnished skin is almost completely unheard of.
Despite their appearance as a result of living primarily underground for
countless centuries, vyans tend to possess a beauty to equal that of elves.
Their dark beauty has drawn in many an unwary victim to fall prey to whatever
schemes the vyans were planning. You probably won't see wrinkles on a vyan
before they reach at least a good 500-600 years old, and even then it would be
very faint and hard to notice for a few hundred more years. Vyan hair
typically does not turn gray or white from age until they reach about a
thousand years of age, if at all. Like elves, vyans have upswept, pointed

Optional Advice on Role Playing a Vyan

Vyans are a haughty race, indeed perhaps the most haughty of all races.
They will refer to themselves as vyans or simply The People, as they view
any other race as chattel to be used or destroyed at a whim and with no
more remorse than if they were objects. They believe it is their
divinely given right to rule and they very nearly manage to succeed.

If playing a normal vyan, it might be suggested that you imply that you,
or another vyan, is the undisputed leader of any group you are in. If
anyone disputes this you should probably follow them into the nearest
player-killing zone and kill them or have a loyal minion kill them in your
name. After all, it is divine will that ordains your sovereignty. Just
don't confuse leadership with tanking (being the one who takes all the
hits in a group). That's what sturdy minions are for, preferably ogres
and trolls, who are just big dumb brutes adapted to taking such beatings.

Vyans hate to be called dark elves. Once, long ago the elves and the
vyans may have shared common ancestors, but the elves have proven to be
weak fool relying on the good will of life where they should accept their
role as an elder race along with the vyans and rule through power. Long
wars have developed due to the rift in elven and vyan philosophies and
there is no hope of a peace ever developing now. To call a vyan an elf,
even a dark elf, is to imply that they are weak and foolish. Ideally
only other vyans should be permitted to even speak to you, however, on
those occasions when a minion must speak with you they should refer to
you as master.

Racial Relations:
As the only true people, vyans view every other race with some measure of
contempt, though some more than others.

Trolls, Ogres and Orcs make good minions and cannon fodder in a fight.

Goblins are a nuisance best destroyed unless you have raised them from
birth to be subservient slaves.

Humans, while occasionally producing a few dark-minded folk who can serve
as good as ogres, trolls and orcs, are primarily still pretty useless and
are better destroyed than ignored before they get lucky and find some way
to cause trouble.

Dwarves, halflings, and gnomes typically serve the force of light and
should be destroyed outright as they are meddlesome nuisances.

Elves have become the bane of vyan existence. These close cousins embody
all the weak, pathetic ideas that the vyan nation finally overcame and
cast off. An unending war has raged for countless centuries between
these two races that embody the paths of light and dark.

Ents, as servants of the light and close allies of elves are hated, but
only about as much as one could be said to hate a dangerous animal. They
are dangerous, but they aren't really people. If not for the fact they
aid the elves much in the same way ogres and trolls are of use to the
vyans, ents would be a concern that could be left off for a later, more
convenient date.