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This command is used to link a message
to a specific room and is used for
noting typos in descriptions or errors in that room's specific actions.
It can only be seen while in the room you post the message and only by
immortals, so it is of no use if you post it ten rooms after you notice
the mistake or if you notice a mistake on a wandering creature.

In the case of rooms in out of the way places, where immortals are
unlikely to visit, and thus correct, any time soon or in the case of
mobile creatures and items it is best to post a note on the
board. If you do not know about the bugs board check under
noteboard. If it is a note related to a specific room, it's a good
idea to still post a typo message as there are often a score of rooms
with the same or similar names and the typo posting will let us know
exactly when we hit the room you mentioned.