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Any questions regarding clan strongholds should be directed to Tinkayn or
Meara or even Ranakan (or possibly Shooth, if you can't get an answer - BUT
not if you get an answer you don't like).

500k: Basic Stronghold, starter - 3 rooms, locked entry door, and up to 30
keys or clan insignias (only at creation)
(Insignias can be rings or necklaces, works like keys)
50k-100k: Lead in rooms - rooms leading up to stronghold entrances.
50k/room for first 2 rooms.
100k/room for every room after.
200k: Room - A single room inside the stronghold.
250k: Secret Room - Room's entrance is hidden, has a lever or other action
to open the way in.
50k: Secret Entrance - Make an entrance to a room a simple acode.

150k: Door Guard - Hires someone (normal player race type humanoid) to guard the
SH's main entrance. Can't be attacked. Mostly for effect.
Can include code to either block non-clan members or only allow
clan members to pass.
15k-50k: Hidden Entry Door - Upgrade entry to Stronghold to be hidden.
50k: Keyless Entry - Upgrade entryway to allow clan members (and followers) in
without the use of keys.
50k: Locked Door - Turn any existing door into a locked door.
Includes 1 key.
10k / extra key.
10k: Extra Description - These are descriptions people see when they look at
something in a room that isn't an object (painting, etc)
15k: Simple Effects - example: To have a fountain burble randomly or
scents/sounds happen in a room. (single line effects)
25k-100k: Advanced Effects - Not just random or simply triggered effects.
100k: Install a bank - turn 1 existing room into a bank. (only 1 allowed)
100k: Install an arena - turn 1 existing room into an arena. (9 allowed)
200k: Storage room - turn 1 existing room into a storage room (multiples allowed)
Storage rooms don't reset. Items dropped don't disappear.
Its suggested chests only go in storage rooms.
+200k Additional Storage Rooms - Each additional storage room will cost
200k more then the previous room.
200k: Shop Keeper - adds a shop keeper. Doesn't buy back, repair, or melt.
(newbie items only, bronze weapons, soft leather armor,
normal food/drink items, basically anything for new-5 characers)
+50k-500k per item - determines how often it resets.
300k: Altar Room - installs an altar room. (includes cost for room)
(room is solely dedicated to the altar, not a bank, etc)
(must be a diety listed in help religions)
300k: Generic Priest or Priestess - Places cleric for religion of choice with
which to commune in the altar room. Can't be attacked.
Mostly for effect. Interactions with priest will be limited.

unless otherwise stated, default item descriptions apply
30k: Soup Kettle - Big kettle full of soup you can eat.
50k: Fountain - Big fountain full of water.
(after multiple requests its worth posting - no starwater fountains)
100k: Alcoholic Fountain - Big fountain full of normal wine, beer, etc.
10k: Standard furniture - A Chair, desk, table, sofa, etc.
Standard descriptions apply.
50k+: Special furniture - Specially designed furniture. Dragonskin couch, etc.
50k: Chest - A chest to store things in. Includes a labeled name.
200k: Massive wardrobe - Wardrobe holds as much as 4 chests.
May be purchased at any time - limitless amount
25k: Renaming Chests - changing the label currently on a chest.
25k: Removing Chests - Removing an empty chest (or other storage unit).
25k: Relocating Chests - Moving a chest to another room.
100k: Relocating Large Furniture - Moving a larger storage unit to another room.
50k: Weapon Rack - A rack to store things on. Includes a labeled name.
It's highly advised chests/racks only go in Storage rooms.
5k: Key - A key to an locked room, chest, or entry way.
5k: Insignia - A clan insignia (for new members)
(This cost reflects needs for replacements or new members)
150k: Taalo's Famous Magical Clan Battle Standard Machine - This is a machine
which is installed into a storage room of the Stronghold which sells
customized clan battle standards. When a clan purchases a machine,

No mobs will be reset in strongholds to practice fighting on.
If you need to spar, buy an arena and spar with clan mates.
50k: Indoor Pool - fill an existing room with water to practice swimming
(pools do not have drinkable water, that's what fountains are for)
150k: Climbing Rope - A rope you can climb to practice your climbing skill.
300k: Punching Bag - A punching bag you can practice punching on.
300k: Kicking Stand - A stand you can practice kicking on.

These can't target a specific person to stop them, just non-clan members
200k: Entry Logging - Mail is sent to one clan leader with the name of whoever
has just entered a specific room.
(Goes to a person, not a position. If clan leader changes
this must be edited to go to someone new)
10k / extra person cc'ed
10k to change who mail is sent to.
200k: Warding - Prevents a non-clan member from accessing one thing.
ie: bank, a specific chest, etc.
300k: Eviction Magic - Kicks non clan members out of a room. Choice of trigger:
either on entry to a room or randomly (often)
(keeps evicted clan members from staying logged in a room)

(These had to be removed due to an abuse that was discovered, sorry. If a way
to prevent the abuse is discovered this can be reimplemented)

Realistically, a ranger can just tame and release most pets for free.
These pets are options more for aesthetic value in a stronghold. They won't
be able to leave the stronghold and don't have any real use.
50k: Normal House Pets - cats, dogs, rats, etc. Won't be attackable.
Clan can choose its name, has input in description.
100k+: Exotic - half-tame wolf, etc. Same rules as Domestic.
Also, non-house pets. Horses, Llama, etc.
Won't be tamable (not a source of ranger pets)
50k+: Pet Tricks - Teach a clan pet a simple trick (sit, beg, etc)

Small mobs for atmosphere are allowed outside the SH. Rabbits, etc.
150k: Mobs for Atmosphere - rabbits, worms, rats, etc. Killable, etc.

15k for simple changes (removing simple effects or descriptions)
50k for other changes (moving a room-per room- or altering descriptions)
20k for moving eviction magics.

Under no circumstances will any clan be permitted more than ONE entrance/ex
into/out of their stronghold. (This means NO backdoors)