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Druids are able, with enough experience, to summon and maintain powerful
storms which replicate the chaos and danger that storms display in nature.
These spells have a number of common features which every druid must know
intimately, if they are to use these spells safely.

First, storms grow more powerful the longer they exist. They alter weather
patterns in the room where they are cast for the duration of the storm.

Second, companions in your party can cast the same storm spell to bolster your
existing storm.

Third, casters can attempt to take control of or diminish an opponent's storm
spell by casting the same spell themselves.

Fourth, storm spells are unpredictable and can leave the caster momentarilly
dazed though with skill, this occurs less often.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, storm spells will treat
anyone in the
room who is not in caster's party (or a pet thereof) as a potential victim.
If the storm can affect them, it will - much like a mage casting mists of
sleep. Again, if a character in the room is not part of the same group as the
caster (or a pet of someone in the same group), then they will be considered
targets. Druids need to be careful not to cast this spell in areas where they
might be mingling with innocent bystanders.

The storm spells include:
squall, storm, blizzard, tornado, and tempest.
Pseudo-storm spells, like
radiate and tsunami deliver room damage in a similar
way, but are not like storm spells in other respects.

See help files for:
druid, weather, and weather_magic.