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The Shuvanaguard is an ancient protective order that dwells primarily in the
Vaasa among the llewyrr (the elves). There are actually non-player characters
(aka mobs) in the game that contain more information about the Shuvanaguard
and you should ask them about the Shuvanaguard if you wish to know more
information. Alternately, there are players who have joined the Shuvanaguard
that may be willing to explain it to you to some extent as well. Suffice it
to say, for now, that it is not a clan or a guild or anything of the sort
often seen on muds. For all intents and purposes it is primarily a role
playing aspect of the game and nothing more.

- - - - -
Some out of game additions from the creator of the Shuvanaguard...

A lot of people have their own preconceptions what the Shuvanagurd is.
In answer to the questions, I wanted to offer up the original intent.

From an out of game standpoint, there had been a point where becoming a Knight
might be a possibility. Knighthood seems such a human concept to me but the
concept of a group dedicated to the safety of the people or its land and one
that maintains a code of honor seemed, to me at least, a very elven concept
still. In short, the Shuvanaguard is basically the elven equivalent of a
Knightly Order.

Bearing that in mind there were a lot of things to consider when designing
it. Should non-elves be allowed? Since its symbol is the elven longsword
should it be limited to only sword-wielding classes? Questions like these.

To answer these, you have to look at some of the realm history from the time
the Shuvanaguard was created. Back then, elves were just starting to overcome
their xenophobic standpoint. Prior to that, the elves and humans had been in
a war largely based on misunderstandings of culture and, while time had passed
for the humans the long lifespan and long memory of the elves kept the threat
of war fresh in their mind. They had spent quite some time secluded in the
Vaasa keeping everyone else. Keeping in mind that the move of gameplay was
headed towards giving players reasons to play together where reasons could be
found, the idea was to move away from elven xenophobia and towards more
integration. I can't see the elves actually just forgetting everything but
why not an order dedicated to good and protecting the land that opens its
proverbial doors to others of like-minded good intent.

So the Shuvanaguard was made open to anyone of like-minded beliefs.
Basically, those who don't directly oppose the elves. Yes, dwarves and humans
and the like can and should be able to join the Shuvanaguard. This meshes
well with the fact that the original elven longsword that existed prior to the
Shuvanagaurd version was available to more than just elves. The original
elven longsword was removed as "too powerful" for its level. The quest to
obtain one limited the number in use as well as making them harder to
acquire. Thus the benefits of the swords' value was balanced by the
limitations placed on acquiring one and, given that more than elves could get
them, kept it open to those who could have one before it was initially removed.

So why should mages and the like be able to get one if they can't even use the
sword? The sword, while certainly useful, is also the status symbol marking
its wielder as a member of the Shuvanaguard. So a mage, who can't physically
wield the sword, should be able to complete the quest and attain the badge of
the order. Granted, I could have made several items marking people as members
of the Shuvanaguard but the role playing idea is based on the concept and the
sword is a part of that concept. I've seen more than a few mages who proudly
carry their elven longsword with them after completing the Shuvaguard quest
that I don't think my idea is far off from where it was originally intended.
They bear their sword with honor and pride regardless of whether they can use
it or not.

I've considered offering a chance for mages, clerics, rogues, what have you
the opportunity to trade in the sword for something more usable but would
generally prefer to leave the longsword in tact. Granted, that doesn't help
non-sword wielders any but never fear. Since shortly after finishing the
joining quest, I've wanted to make a second quest that continues after the
first. In fact, the quest is largely in place and I hope to open it sometime
in the near future.
While this may still seem like an imbalance in that sword-wielders get the
sword first then get a chance at a second reward later I really looked towards
using the second quest to reward the non-sword wielders first and allowing a
few less functional items for sword wielders and those who would prefer items
based on role playing potential rather than just a new weapon or armor bit or
something. With any luck that should bring things more into a sense of

Shade and sweet water,