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This help file explains a little about whats going on when metals are missing
from the catalog entry of the thing you just IDed, or why the item you thought was
level 5 is wearable only at level 7.

There is a flag for items called "random metal" which allows an item, on its
generation, to be one a variety of predefined metals. The actual metal
selected impacts the level, ac, weight and value of the item. Maybe other
things too, even. This was all gravy in the world before catalog, but now the
catalog entries reflect the base object without regard to the metal that is
used in the particular instance of the item you are holding... What this
means is that the item as you just IDENTIFIED it is correct, but the
corresponding catalog entry is off a little (since its the base item). So,
catalog is not (in this case) the whole story. Just know that as the metals
get rarer, they get better AC and the level of the item is modified up some.