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The listing of racial traits for those races that serve the light:

- - - - -

The basic race type. We should all be familiar with this one.

Height: Male about 5 feet 2 inches - 6 feet tall on average
Female about 5 feet - 5 feet 10 inches on average

Hair: Ranging in colors primarily of blond, brown, black, red
(rarely white or gray unless advanced years)

Eyes: Brown, Blue, Green or Gray (rare) iris
White around the iris unless very sick.

- - - - -

Height: male about 4'8"-5'8" (' means feet)
female about 4'6"-5'6" (" means inches)

Hair: typically straight. Light colors (white / blond ) to darkish brown.
black (very rare). NO FACIAL HAIR.

Eyes: Almond-shaped / up-slanted eyes in colors of primarily
brown or blue. Though other colors such as amber
lavender, or other light colors are not uncommon.

Note: Elves have skin tones that range in most human ranges but almost
always touched with a healthy glow from sunlight. Elves almost never
have pale or sickly looking skin.

Note:Elves age very slowly. You probably wont see wrinkles Before they
reach at least a good 500-600 years old, and even then it would be very
faint and hard to notice them for another few hundred years.

- - - - -

Height: male and female about 3'6"-4'6"

Hair: primarily black to dark brown, lighter brown and
blond are rare.
ALL DWARVES (male and female) HAVE BEARDS.
(they 'could' be shaved odd daily, but such dwarves
should be ostracized by imms/players at every given
chance. freaks. :P )

Eyes: Black, brown, gray, green, and blue (rare) iris.
White around iris, though iris is large.

Note: All dwarves grow facial hair.

- - - - -


Height: males about 6'6" - 7'6"
females about 6'10" - 8 feet tall.

Hair: Bristly or "twiggy" in earth tones.
Dark-light browns, grays, blacks, ruddy reds,
sandy-blonds. Most ents also have "twiggy" beards.

Eyes: also earthy colors. blacks, grays, browns and green
predominate though silver and green are not unheard
of. Iris extends to edge of eye, no whites.

notes: ENTS ARE NOT TREES. Imagine a troll with brownish, craggy skin
though not slimy or warty. That's an ent. They don't have leaves, they
don't bleed sap. Ents have 7 toes on each foot, though this need not be
put in description. Most ents have beards. Ents have big heads.

- - - - -


Height: male about 3'6" - 4'6"
female about 3'4" - 4'4"

Hair: most commonly darker shades of black or brown though
shades of blonde and grey are not unheard of.
A dusky red is, at best, quite rare.

Eyes: Brown, Blue, Green, Grey (usually dark) and black
large irises surrounded by white. As the irises are
large, so are the pupils from years of time underground.

Note: Skin tones run through all normal human ranges, though tend more
ferquently to duskier hues.

- - - - -

Height: males about 3'2" - 4'
females about 3'2" - 3'10"

Hair: Mostly shades of brown, some blonde or reds. Black (rare)
Facial hair is rare at best.

Eyes: Tending towards all natural human shades.

Note: Halflings appear much like human children though they do develop
wrinkles, graying hair and other adult attributes. Halflings often
develop a stout build, some say due to the 5 regulated meals a day they
tend to enjoy as opposed to the 3 a day most other races attend.
Halflings are not hobbits. We aren't going to ban you for having hairy
feet, but realize, it is not the norm.

- - - - -

Height: male and female 5'6" - 6'2"

Hair: (you're kidding, right?) They don't grow hair.

Eyes: Reptillian eyes, vertically slit pupils surrounded by an
all-enveloping iris in shades from red to amber to yellow.

Notes: Lizardfolk, lacking hair for descriptions, often employ the
descriptions of the various colors depicted by their scales. Much the
way a snake's scales form interesting patterns, the lizardfolk develop
patterns in many tones. Included are clans with anywhere from subdued,
earthy tones to ones with vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow.
Lizardfolk skin is typically soft and smooth like a snakes, though wet,
fish-like skin and raspy crocodile-like skin has been noted before as