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The listing of racial traits for those races that serve the darkness:

- - - - -

The basic race type, we should all be familiar with this one.

Height: Male about 5 feet 2 inches - 6 feet tall on average
Female about 5 feet- 5 feet 10 inches on average

Hair: Ranging in colors primarily of blond, brown, black, red
(rarely white or gray unless advanced years)

Eyes: Brown, Blue, Green or Gray (rare) iris
White around the iris unless very sick.

- - - - -

Height: male about 4'8"-5'8" (' means feet)
female about 4'6"-5'6" (" means inches)

Hair: typically stright. Pale (white/gray/silver) to Black.
brown or blond (extremely rare). NO FACIAL HAIR.

Eyes: Almond-shaped / up-slanted eyes in colors of primarily
violet or amber. Though other colors such as brilliant blues
or grays to black are not uncommon.

Note: Skin tones range primarily from midnight black to pale, wan colors.
The vyan with the healthy glow of sun burnished skin is almost completely
unheard of.

Note: Vyans age very slowly. You probaby won't see wrinkles before they
reach at least a good 500-600 years old, and even then it would be very
faint and hard to notice them for another few hundred years.

- - - - -

Height: males about 5'2" - 6'6"
females about 5' - 6'6"

Hair: Orcs typically don't have the greates of manes. What hair does grow
tends to be black and coarse. Ocassional shade of dark brown
or the infrequent shade of ruddy redish-brown do occur.

Eyes: Typically dark shades of brown or black irises. The area around the
iris is a sallow yellowish or grey-white at best.

Note: Orcs frequently have dusky-hues skin tending towards shades of
browns and reds. Warts are commonplace and, in some tribes, considered
marks of great beauty. Nothing's worse than plain smooth, boring skin.

Note: Orcs have poor dental hiegene but also have hearty teeth that often
grow in once lost. Enlarged, tusk-like canines often protrude from the
lower jaw noticably. Noses are often upturned, giving them a pig-like or
boarish appearance according to the nastier comments of so-called good

- - - - -

Height: males about 6'6" - 7'6"
females about 6'4" - 7'2"

Hair: Ogres have hair most frequently in browns, blacks, and reds
and rarely gray. It is usually coarse, bristly or patchy.
Facial hair is extremely rare, almost unheard of, though
ear and nose hair as well as shoulder and back hair are common.

Eyes: Ogres tend to have dull, beady eyes ranging in colors of mainly
greys. Sometimes hints of red or black have appeared though rarely.
Irises are large leaving only a little of the sallow to gray
surrounding the eyes visible.

Note: Ogres are often muscular, but odd protuberances as well as frequent
patches of hair-covered warts can confuse the bulky shape. Most ogres
have poor posture. Ogre skin is usually a dusky shade of grey-brown,
sandy brown, or ruddy red-brown and is always somewhat rubbery.

- - - - -

Height: males about 6'4" - 7'4"
females about 6'6" - 7' 6"

Hair: Swamp trolls tend to black hair, not always on their
head. Where hair grows it is either greasy or coarse.
Ice trolls tend to have white hair, with at least
some on their head more so than elsewhere.

Eyes: All trolls have beady little black or red eyes with very small pupils.
Essentially there is no iris, just the red or black around the pupil.

Note: Trolls have green skin in varying hues (though none are what would
be termed bright, neon, or electric green), They are often warty or have
cancerous appearing growths though these do not seem to affect their
health negatively in any way, rather it appears to be an excess of their
ability to regenerate. Trolls almost never have scars, as they heal so
incredibly well. For a race that is typically foul, corupt and evil they
have the incongruous gift of incredible regeneration at the cost of a
never-ending hunger.

- - - - -

Height: males and females about 3'6" - 4'4"

Hair: Not all goblins have hair, in fact, many have none at all.
What hair they do grow is usually black or brown and often
caked in muck and fiflth. Goblins have no facial hair.

Eyes: Like most of the dark races, goblins have eyes that are primarily
black and beady, though some have turned up with shades of
dark brown or reddish-brown. The iris extends to the edge
of the eye with only a pupil which dilates between a pinprick
in size to a large circle as lighting permits.

Note: Goblins have craggy skin in colors of earthy greens and browns or
patchy/mottled earthtone mixes. Though they have warts and protuberances
less frequently than orcs, ogres, and trolls they are not completely
infrequent in some clans. Goblins tend to have sharp teeth, though they
are small and wouldn't ordinarily be called fangs.

- - - - -

Height: male and female 5'6" - 6'2"

Eyes: Reptillian eyes, vertically slit pupils surrounded by an
all-enveloping iris in shades from red to amber to yellow.

Notes: Lizardfolk, lacking hair for descriptions, often employ the
descriptions of the various colors depicted by their scales. Much the way a
snake's scales form interesting patterns, the lizardfolk develop patterns in
many tones. Included are clans with anywhere from subdued, earthy tones to
ones with vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow. Lizardfolk skin is
typically soft and smooth like a snakes, though wet, fish-like skin and raspy
crocodile-like skin has been noted before as well.