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put [in] : Put an object into a container
put [on] : Put an object on a shelf or table
put [on] : Put a piece of armor on your pet.
put [on] : Add fuel to a campfire.

If you need to put something away, or just set it down somewhere nearby,
just find a good place and put it there. Sadly, you can only put items
inside containers, and can only set items on tables, unless you just want
drop it. When you place something on a table, it becomes less
distinct than something lying on the floor, and anyone who doesn't know
it's there would need to actively look on the table in order to notice it.
Otherwise, the object would seem to be just another piece of random
clutter in the room, because even though it may be large or unusual,
chances are that something even more odd has already been discovered.
It's also possible to attach a piece of armor to your pets, if they are
capable of wearing it.

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