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prompt : lists your current prompt
prompt : sets your prompt to given text
prompt : sets your prompt to a standard prompt


Below is a list of standard prompts which may be selected by typing
prompt .

Default, Immortal, Cleric, Warrior, Simple, Complex, Color

The following are if statements. The letter after the expression or the
phrase surrounded by single quotes is evaluated if the statement is true.
For if not, use an exclamation mark instead of a question mark.

?p - has page info
?m - is mounted
?f - has flags set
?b - is in battle
?l - is following someone

The next set of variables allows the inclusion of various quanties in
your prompt. Some of them can be capitalized to get maximum values for
that statistic.

%h - hit points
%e - energy
%v - movement points
%m - mount's movement points
%x - experience points
%f - flags
%t - mud time, approximate
%T - real time (use time -z to set zone)
%\ - carriage return
%c - enemy's condition
%C - leader's condition
%l - leader's hit points
%L - leader's max hit points
%s - personal condition
%d - seen exits
%g - lowest movement points of any group member
%G - gossip points
%r - room name
%i - lowest hit points of any group member

Note: %g and %i do not include group members who have the group.incog option

As an example the default prompt is:

?p'-- MORE -- '<%f?f|%hhp %ee ?m'[%mmv]'!m'%vmv' ?b'%c'!b'%d'> %

Note the " %" at the end, which causes a trailing space.

Various option flags appear in your prompt when applicable. See
help prompt
for more information.