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Any good policies help file is always followed up by a good procedures
help file.

If you need an immortal, ask on gossip first. If they do not respond it
is because they are busy or not available. Request an immortal using the
request command (see help request) and an immortal will get to you once one
has a chance.

If you need approval of your appearance, keywords, and description, use
the request command. The Avatars (noted by the AV next to their name on the
who list) handle that.

How Immortals deal with people:
- For the first offense, you will probably get a warning, but you may recieve
a minor punishment.
- If you are caught breaking the rules after being warned, you may be jailed,
banned, or frozen. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may be
banned for several days, a week, or permanently.

If you ask an imm something and they say no, do not bother going from imm
to imm until one says yes. If you honestly feel the imm is wrong, contact a
higher power by mailing them an explaination of the problem (see help rank for
the current immortals.) Otherwise, you are only setting yourself up for
failure. Each player has a player file on which the imms put little notes
(player was caught stealing, name was changed, etc) If we catch you playing,
"If mommy says no, I'll go ask daddy and maybe he'll say yes", then it gets
noted on your player file as well, and any arguments on your point will
probably be viewed as somewhat surreptitious by imms from that point on.

If you need help doing something:
-If it is in-game, ask another player through say, gossip or chat.
In-game includes things like:
I am hungry, where can I get food?
How can I earn money?
What are the best things to kill for experience?
How do I get more practice points?

-If it is out-of-game and game related, ask on ooc or gossip.
Out-of-game includes things like:
What temperature do I cook pizza at? (on ooc)
How about that local sports team? (on ooc)
What exactly does our Dexterity do for our characters? (ooc)
Is there an imm free? When I logged on all my stuff was missing.
(this asked on gossip, await response from an imm if available)

See 'help channels' for rules on the different conversation channels on the mud.