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Pets can be a lot of fun and good helpers in the realm. However, they
can also be horribly abused. Pets are any mob following you that you
have control over that is not you. Familiars, mounts, animals/living
things bought at pet stores, and animals/living things tamed by ranger
pet spells, and created/owned undead are all considered pets.
Unfortunately there's also room for abuse where pets are concerned, so
here's a little lit of what not to do
(some of these things can get you banned).

You are not allowed to aquire pets with the intent to release them later
to kill them.
-This means no wounding pets, making them sleep, releasing them, killing them.
-This mean no taming a pet to remove it from the safety of its guardians.
(ie taming sheep to remove them from Pennan to kill them elsewhere)
-This also means no taming the white timber wolf to remove her from her mate
with intent to release/kill her so you can tame her mate.
(a hint, there IS a legal way to achieve taming the male)

You are not allowed to send them into battles you are not a part of.
-In particular this means no sending hords of pets in to kill shop keepers
while you stand idly by and watch them get killed by the keeper and guards.
Honestly, what keeper/guard wouldn't notice you give the orders and attack
you? The code just can't handle that yet, so its not allowed.

It is not recommended that you release aggressive pets in areas that they
could easily destroy lower level players. Doing so would be considered abuse
and could be punishable.

The imms can see when you aquired pets, when they are released and when they die.
It looks awfully suspicious to check your player log and find you die
once to every 20 pet deaths. It looks equally suspicious to see you
tamed a dozen animals and released them shortly thereafter. In fact,
that looks more like you're moving them elsewhere to be killed or killing
them yourselves.
Granted, pets will die, but there's a difference between reasonable
chance of death and abusing the options given you. In particular this
occurs with rangers. A ranger's communion with nature allows them to
tame the pets. I would hate to see tame end up like familiars, only one
tame per level, because rangers are abusing it. -Talis