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Secomber - a nation of primarily humans. Towns of note include
Chiiron, Medienne, and Pennan.

Eleint - a nation of primarily elves. Their towns are located deep
in the heart of the Vaasa.

Thorstag - a nation of gnomes. They have not disclosed the location
of any of their towns at this time.

Byzantil - a nation of halflings. Rumors have begun to circulate that they
are putting the final touches on a grand city somewhere in the southern
regions of the world.

Khedrun - a nation of primarily dwarves. Scattered through the
mountains, they hold all contact with outside nations through the town of

Ueschel - a nation of ents. They hold one town hidden somewhere in the

Stahl - the nation of the lizardfolk. They hold one town, Sos-Kul,
deep in the heart of the K'ssk Swamp.

Karse - a nation of ogres, they've managed to hold off killing each
other long enough to build the town of Denab-Knur.

Netheril - a loose nation of trolls, they have not managed to pull
together the wits or resources to build a town yet.

Azak - a nation of primarily orcs. They have constructed a town in
the hills near Pennan.

Jezvik - a nation of goblins, as yet holding no towns.

Dvyie - a nation of vyans. If they hold a town, they have jealously
guarded its secret location from all not in their nation.

Voaleth --- Not a nation, but the gathering place for many of the darker
races that do not hold a town of their own. Within the confines of the
town, several nations have been seen lurking on the dim streets and
darkened alleys, including Kharse, Netheril, Azak, Jezvik, and even a few
from Dvyie.

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