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The mail function uses the standard editor commands to write letters. See
help editor for the list and description of these. In addition to the
standard editor commands, mail also uses:

mail : lists your received mail
mail # : either displays that letter (if not editing),
inserts/deletes that line. (See help editor)
mail : begins editing new letter with subject
mail new : same as "mail "
mail send : sends the mail being edited to
mail send self : sends the mail being edited to yourself
mail delete : erases the letter being edited
mail delete # : erases that message
mail delete all : deletes all mail messages
mail cc : sends a copy of mail being edited to ,
but you continue to edit it.
mail edit # : copies the specified message to the mail buffer
mail title : changes the subject of the message being edited
mail search : searches for in your mailbox
mail preview : shows what the message will look like when sent


Mail is used to send a message to a specific person. You do not have to be
introduced to that person; only their name is required to send a letter.

To send a mail message to anyone but yourself, you will need a silver coin for
the delivery daemon. You can send mail to yourself in order to record
information you may want to re-read later. Often, the
journal is a better way
to accomplish this.

Using the TFE mail system to annoy or spam other players is prohibited, and
may result in docking of gossip points, or even banning.

See also: editor, note, tell, journal.