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Average Statistics for Humans (on ForestsEdge)

Humans are the benchmark by which all other races are measured so that
we, the players, might have a means of comprehending the fantasy cultures
that should be so alien to us.

Height: males about 5'2"-6'
females about 5'-5'10"

Hair: Ranging in colors primarily of blond, brown, black and red.
(rarely white or gray unless elderly)

Eyes: Brown, Blue, Green or (rarely) Gray iris
White around the iris.

Affiliation: light or dark based on alignment / how you role-play it.

Appearance: Humans on TFE look and act just like you and I would if we
lived in a fantasy realm wherein also lived fantastic creatures, magic,
and danger all wrapped in the cocoon of a more-or-less medieval setting.

Optional Advice for Role Playing a Human

This is basically the essence of role playing in a nutshell. You created
your character, gave them form with statistics (the numbers that define
your strength and wisdom, dexterity and heartiness), and determined what
your occupation in this life will be. Now it is time to breathe life
into this character. Not just by stepping forth and killing anything
that gets in your way (though if you choose to do this is certainly
your choice), but by figuring out what this persona you've created is
Are they exactly like you? Or are they braver or more timid than you?
What is their favorite food? What do they like to do when they aren't
saving the world from the invading forces of darkness (or wreaking havoc
upon the weak-minded fools if you are evil). Think of all these things
and what your character would be like if you met them. Now try and
portray these things by your actions and words.
Want to impress someone with your role playing savvy? Don't just walk up
and say "lets go kill some ants", unless of course you already know them
and are in a hurry, rather consider what you might really do. If you ran
into a total stranger in the real world dressed as a priest, would you
greet him/her the same way you would greet a total stranger wearing a
full military outfit? Would you just walk up to a complete stranger in a
nun's habit and say "Hey, want to go shoot some hoops at the local gym"?
(If you answered yes to either of these, you might wish to seek
counseling). In most cases the answer should be no. Neither would most
characters do that. How would you're character handle the situation?
That's the basic essence of role playing.
Create not just a character, but a personality to go with it. Then take
that personality and play it. Do it consistently and you'll find
situations begin to arise that you have to muddle through and you'll see
your character evolving.
Now, if you're just looking for a good hack-and-slash environment we can
offer that too. Just head right out and find the nearest things to kill.
I'd advise using the consider command frequently in either case. Its
also a pretty bad idea to start killing townsfolk as the guards in town
are a bit touchy about that sort of thing.

Racial Relations:
Humans have perhaps the greatest chance to meet and greet all the races
as a race for they, among all the races present on TFE have the greatest
variance of alignment and tendency to be good or evil.

Humans get along best with halflings and gnomes having shared close
living space with them for some time.

Humans get along fairly well with dwarves and lizardfolk, though do not
profess to understand them overly well as both other races are relatively
secluded from the human perspective.

Humans and elves only recently developed a stable relationship, having
been at war off and on in the past. Many humans still distrust the elves
owing to so many years of ambushes, raids, and general mistrust that
developed throughout a war that very nearly destroyed the largest human
settlement, Medienne. Throughout all this there have always been other
humans willing to trust the elves for their ethereal beauty and grace
that seems to set them above humans, even as others found these traits
alien and frightening.

Ents are considered a curiosity, sought by many as few are rarely seen.
Soon after humans tend to lose interest in ents finding their slow,
deliberate ways too drawn out for their tastes.

Humans have peculiar dealings with orcs, with most contact between the
races occurring through dealing of a very mercenary nature. Orcs aren't
the most cohesive of races and humans have had to deal with dozens of
various orc tribes whose only constant factor has been a tendency towards
brutish strength and barbaric vulgarity from a human perspective.
Despite these social faux pas, orcs have been considered both allies and
enemies from time to time.

Likewise, humans have had similar dealings with ogres. While ogres are
typically considered more dangerous and more predictable only because you
can only count on two things (that an ogre will be bigger than you are
and more disagreeable) humans have, on occasion, hired ogres as guards or
workers when their appetites for violence and food can be sated.

Humans tend to avoid trolls and goblins, finding the former race too
ready to eat humans regardless of how you handle them and the latter
race too capricious and filthy to be trusted. In either case the races
are best avoided or pushed elsewhere to let others deal with them.

Vyans, primarily because they look so much like elves, are treated with
the same cautiousness if at all. Typically only humans steeped in the
darker aspects of evil culture have any dealing at all with vyans. Those
humans that lean towards the light not only distrust the vyans for their
elf-like appearance, but more so for the utter acts of evil purported to
be their doings.