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The administration aims to make TFE a fun game for all to play. In light of
this, publicly slandering, harassing, or any otherwise negative comments
towards another player of this mud will not be tolerated.

Harassment implies systematic persecution by besieging with repeated
annoyances, threats or demands. It is a serious thing that implies a
concerted, persistent effort on the part of the transgressor. Most issues of
harassment can be solved by using the filter command. If someone is bugging
you, simply filter them and you will cease to see anything they say on any

If someone is harassing you, the necessary first step is to filter them. If
the harassment does not cease, then contact an immortal. If you have not made
use of the filter command before contacting an immortal, you will be
instructed to do so. If, after having filtered the person, harassment by
other means continues, contact an immortal.

Violators of this policy will find themselves warned, docked gossip points,
and banned-- not necessarily in that order.

This policy extends to all public channels, including chant, say, and the
noteboards. Titles on the who list are also considered as a public channel
for the purposes of this policy.