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group : add/remove to current group
group all : groups everyone following you
group disband : disbands the group you are leading
group : display the group you are in
group -l : sets the group looter
group -l none : removes the group looter
group -l : identifies the current group looter
group -a : add yourself to the 'available to group' list
group -w : view the 'available to group' list


To add a player to your group have them
follow you then group . When
in a group you share experience points with the other members of the group.
Also when you have the
auto_assist option on you will automaticly assist those
in your group in battle.

You may also group your pets, in order to see their hits and damage taken
during a battle in colors and

In order to group a player or pet, they must be in the same room and you must
be able to see them.

The group leader can specify a "group looter", who will loot opponents'
corpses if no one else in the group does so first, because of their
. The designated looter can be identified by the letter "L" next in his
entry in the group listing.

If you have consented the group leader, you will automatically allow the
designated group looter to loot your kills. If you have befriended the group
looter, you will automatically allow him to loot your kills.

See also: options, consent, befriend, color.