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Average Statistics for Goblins

Height: males and females about 3'6" - 4'4"

Hair: Not all goblins have hair, in fact, many have none at all.
When they do have hair it is usually black or brown and is
usually caked in muck and filth. Goblins have no facial hair.

Eyes: Like most of the dark races, goblins have eyes that are usually
black and beady, though some have turned up with shades of
dark brown, reddish brown, or a muddy-amber color. The iris
extends to the edge of the eye with a pupil that dilates between
a pinprick in size to large circle as lighting permits.

Affiliation: goblins are a dark race.

Appearance: goblins have wrinkled, craggy skin or smooth, greasy skin in
colors of greens and browns or patchy/mottled earth tone mixes. Though
they have fewer warts and protuberances than orcs, ogres and trolls, they
are not completely free of them as a race. Goblins tend to have sharp
teeth, though they are small and would not be called fangs by any
stretch of the imagination.

Optional Advice on Role Playing a Goblin

Goblins are a tough and wily breed known for their extreme tolerance of
situations that would drive out most other races. Their resistance to
disease and infection as well as their tendency to reproduce in great
numbers make them about as impossible to be rid of as cockroaches. Most
often the truth of the matter is that the larger races goblins hang
around are better at digging out tunnels and caves and cast off more than
ample resources to provide goblins with all they need to survive.
Unfortunately for the larger races this means that the goblins also have
free time to explore and be a general nuisance.

Goblins really could care less about wasting time on hygiene and actually
enjoy the feel of cool, slimy muck squishing between toes, fingers and
any other joint. Their greatest joys in life are exploring everywhere,
everything, and gathering as many things as they can. To most other
races this comes across as intrusion and theft, however, the goblins seem
to be one of the few peoples who truly understand and are happy with the
rule stating that possession is 9/10ths of the law.

Though goblins have pervaded everywhere there are generally only two
varieties to be found. The more common is the typical small, smelly
green goblin. The rarer white goblin is found only in the northern Cairn
mountains and have a tendency to be a bit larger and more organized than
their smaller cousins. Though more organized, the white goblins seem to
be more like small orcs and tend to make poor spell casters. Of the two
varieties, green goblins tend to make the better thieves and explorers
while white goblins tend to make better warriors and know how to dig in
and occupy an area.

Racial Relations:
Goblins are a very communal people and love to chatter away at each
other, though much of the conversation usually consists of "mine, mine,

Trolls and ogres are considered dangerous and insufferable because they
tend to use their superior size and strength to boss around the goblins.
The only thing that makes being near them tolerable is the sheer amount
of useful goods they leave just lying around or cast off.

Orcs as bad as ogres and trolls, only what they lack in comparative
strength they make up for in organization and intellect. Fortunately any
goblin can point out just why goblins are still the superior intelligence
of the four races.

Goblins will avoid dwarves when possible due to a long-standing dwarven
crusade to destroy all goblins. Unfortunately they are all too good at
that task as goblins have learned. Dwarves are the goblins most hated of
all races and any jab they can inflict on the race is worth getting in.

Elves are almost as bad as dwarves, though if it has been amply
demonstrated that if you leave them alone they will usually leave you

Vyans are an odd lot and, for those interested in attempting to wheedle
it out of them, are an excellent source one can learn magic from.
Everything an elf could be is brought forth in what the vyans are.
Unfortunately it also comes at the price of more insufferably bullying,
and with their swords and magic the vyans are quick to back up any
threats. Still, they make excellent allies.

Gnomes, strangely, are a puzzle to goblins who figure that somehow the
races must be related, with gnomes the lesser relation in need of goblin
help, of course. Why gnomes can't seem to learn to take orders and
continue to associate with races like dwarves is a source of constant
frustration to the goblins who would desperately like a new ally (or,
better yet, someone they could actually bully around).

Humans are a source of never-ending amazement, so long as you don't hang
out with the goody-goody ones that just want to kill you. They build
dwellings almost everywhere, travel more than any other race and return
with so many neat things for goblins to appropriate. Not to mention they
make the most amusing faces when they are forced to deal with goblins.

Halflings, as far as goblins are concerned, are just another race of
humans only shorter and more likely to be easier to boss around.
Unfortunately they aren't quite as productive when it comes to
travelling and acquiring new things for goblins to appropriate.

Ents are a bit of a mystery. They may look a bit like trolls but they
are neither as blatantly hostile nor as pleasing to the eye. No slime,
no warts, and their skin almost looks more like bark than the nice
texture common to trolls. Fortunately they do have the most interesting
responses when you uproot small plants or set larger ones on fire.