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Average Statistics for Gnomes

Height: males about 3'6" - 4'6"
females about 3'4" - 4'4"

Hair: most commonly darker shades of black or brown though
shades of blond and grey are not unheard of.
A dusky red is, at best, quite rare.

Eyes: Brown, Blue, Green, Grey (usually dark) and black.
large pupils centered in large irises surrounded by white.

Affiliation: gnomes are a light race.

Appearance: Gnomes are shorter than humans, typically more slender than
halflings, and less broad than a dwarf. Though gnomish skin tones run
through all normal human ranges, they tend more frequently toward duskier
Gnomes frequently have large facial features that stand out by human
standards. Large noses or ears and, of course, their big eyes, making
them look a bit unusual by human standards. Gnomes are typically not
what a human would term cute, though there are plenty of gnomes that do
look very much like simple, short humans.

Optional Advice on Role Playing a Gnome

Gnomes are considered to be small, industrious workers and are known to
produce excellent spell-casters. In temperament they are indeed
industrious as well as curious. They tend to have an innate curiosity
about how things work and want to disassemble, study and reassemble
anything that can be taken apart, fixed or improved. It is this
curiosity, coupled with their tendency to study the most minute details
to death, that has lead to the fame of many a gnome wizard or inventor.

Gnomes are most comfortable living in an underground city or burrow, or in
a small home on a rolling hill in some bucolic country setting. In the
past, most gnomes lived around their great underground city of Orlumber
and conducted trade with humans in both Pennan and Narak and the dwarves
of Kha-da. Since the destruction of Orlumber by vyans the gnomes have
moved to wherever they manage to feel comfortable.

Racial Relations:
Sharing a number of traits with them, gnomes tend to get along best with
dwarves and mix well in settings suited to both races, though not without the
occasional misunderstanding or cross-cultural problem.

To gnomes, the elves are a complete mystery. Elven behavior is
considered inexplicable, mystifying and frustrating to most gnomes.
Their most redeeming quality is the fact that they typically serve the
light, and thus, oppose those races that most often like to prey on

Gnomes have an even less positive contact with vyans, the dark elves, who
in past times have appeared out of nowhere to ravage and destroy the
works of the gnomes (including Orlumber).

Orcs, ogres, trolls and goblins come just behind vyans on the gnomes'
list of least favorite peoples. Gnomes have a particular distaste for
goblins and categorically deny all claims that there is any similarity
between the two races.

Much like elves, gnomes are hard-pressed to understand the motives of
lizardfolk thus the dealings between the two races are infrequent and

Having insinuated themselves into human culture, gnomes have managed to
come to an easy peace with most humans and deal well with them. After
all, humans travel wide and far and often manage to bring back
information and interesting things that gnomes just love to study.