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As a player, you are responsible for your own actions and your own
account. If you give your password out or share your account with
someone else and they cuase trouble and get your account banned, then it
is as much your fault as theirs. You will be held just as accountable as
they are.

You are responsible for following the

You are also responsible for keeping up with the changes of the mud.
Look before you leap. All major/important changes are posted on either
motd, which you see on log in or can read through help, or on the
announcements noteboard.

If you charge into combat, only to find some command vital to your
success has changed, odds are it was posted and there will be no
reimbursements of death for it. The exception to this rule is mobs.
Sometimes (rarely) a mob may change a little. If it is found that a mob
is extremely susceptable to some new skill, they may be granted something
to compensate. It is always a good idea to
consider a mob before
attacking it. Look before you leap.

See also: help policies.