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Average Statistics for Ents

Height: males about 6'6" - 7'6"
females about 6'10" - 8' tall.

Hair: Bristly or "twiggy" in earthy tones
Primarily dark to light browns, red-brown, sandy-blond and
shades of gray and sometimes black.
Most ents, but not all, including females have bristly/twiggy beards.

Eyes: Also in earthy colors. Blacks, grays, browns and greens
predominate though silver and gold are not unheard of.
Their iris extends to the edge of the eye (no white exposed).

Affiliation: Ents are a light race.

Appearance: Ents have craggy, tough skin that is usually a dark brown and
looks surprisingly like troll skin (only without the warts, bristly hair,
or slime). Ents have wide feet with seven toes on each foot but ents
still only have 5 fingers on each hand. Ents tend to have bulky physical
forms (unless you've given your character a very low strength and
constitution). Ents are not treants and do not have bark, sap or leaves.

Optional Advice on Role Playing an Ent

The ent is the largest of the humanoids that tends towards the side of
light and goodness and, as such, most are slow to anger realizing their
great size and strength can cause great devastation and they would not
want to cause undue harm to innocents by mistake. Somewhere in the
time-shrouded past ents became the primary caretakers of the plants of
the ancient forests, primarily the Vaasa, and they usually live
peacefully among the elves of the wood. Most ents are slow to speak or
act as they have long life-spans and have lived so long tending the great
and ancient plants of the Vaasa that they have become accustomed to the
slow pace of life, having time to consider without rash action.

Racial Relations:
After long association with the elves of the Vaasa, ents consider them
good friends.

Somewhere in the past ents and halfling met and each seem to share
stories about the other race and consider each other good folk. Ents
find great amusement in watching the apparantly hasty, but good-natured
doings of halflings.

Ents deal fairly with gnomes and dwarves as they are usually known to serve
the forces of light and goodness, though ents tend to readily admit they do
not understand these ground-dwelling races. Even while ents recognize that
dwarves are a generally goodly people they are quite cautious and sometimes
even mistrusting of a race with such a propensity for axes.

Ents deal with humans and lizardfolk fairly as well and more frequently
than gnomes and dwarves. Most often humans and lizardfolk are dealt with
on a case by case basis as both races seem to fall squarely in the middle
of the matter of light versus dark.

Being a race that so whole-heartedly accepted the tenets of light, ents
typically abhor any race that serves the dark (goblins, orcs, ogres,
trolls and vyans) and would be hard-pressed to come to simple terms with
one who professed to have a goodly nature. In time, perhaps, a member of
the dark races could prove themselves to an ent, but far too frequently
such tactics have been little more than ploys to wreak more havoc upon
ents or elves.