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Druids are the guardians of nature and are bestowed with gifts of magic to
enable them to protect their habitat. Typically a druid will pick one area
and protect it from outside hazards, however, younger druids are known to
wander the land learning what they can from all the different habitats they
can observe before settling down. All druids are at home with nature and find
civilization to be somewhat unsettling as most civilized races must coerce the
land and its nature to make it "civilized".

Druids are in some ways similar to rangers in their love of the outdoors and
respect for both flora and fauna. Where a ranger is the physical warrior of
nature, the druid is the magical aspect. Druids are adept at reading natural
signs for weather, season, and time of day. They select combat spells from a
wide variety of enchantments to maximize the benefits of their present
conditions and in a few ways modify their surroundings in favorable ways.
Druids are also given some ability to repair the wounds of the world and heal
themselves or their companions.

Druids will not use bladed weapons since bladed weapons are one of the
greatest threats to a forest's growth and well being. They shun
metal armor as it both requires significant damage to unearth
most times and interfers with their magics. The lesser amount of metals in
such weapons as mace heads and hammer heads are considered a tolerable cost to
accept in lieu of their ability to safely wield in defending the woods.

Druids differ on many levels, but they all share an idea that separates them
from the more extreme members of society. Druids must be one of the neutral
alignments (PN, NG, NE, CN, LN).

To see a listing of the spells available and physical abilities available to
druids, see the help file on

Other help files they may be useful include help
magic, spell, leech, weather,
storm_spells, and weather_magic.

Its worth noting that a number of druid spells require reagents obtained
through shop
services, so as you make your way through the realms, make sure
you are checking for these services.