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catalog - View the contents of your catalog
catalog # - View the catalog entry specified
catalog -b [#] - View your catalog or an entry with the unidentified name
catalog - Search your catalog for names containing
catalog delete # - Remove an entry from your catalog
catalog -n # [text] - Edit notes for a specific catalog entry


-l #[-#] Show items that are level #, or between # and #
-a Show items that affect the stat specified
-w Show items that are worn in specified location
-p Show items that are worn on specified layer.
-f Show items that have the specified anti-flag
-r Show items that have the specified restriction flag
-m Show items that have the specified material flag
-t Show items that are of the specified type
-W Show weapons of the specified weapon class


The catalog records information about the items your character identifies.
The information is recorded automatically whenever you cast the spell or use a
scroll. The catalog command allows you to view and search your character's
catalog of items.

Should an item's stats be changed by an immortal, your catalog entries will be
automatically updated. When you remort, your catalog is automatically copied
to your new character.

Search options can be combined together to help you find an item you are
looking for. Multiple options can be combined together to narrow the search.
The ! (not) operator can be useful in conjunction with some options,
especially when using anti-flags.


Find all items between levels 1 and 20 that affect hit regen and go on the
body slot:
catalog -l 1-20 -a hit_regen -w body

Find all items that affect intelligence and go on the head slot that a cleric
can wear:
catalog -a intelligence -w head -f !anti-cleric

Find all axe weapons between levels 1 and 40:
catalog -W axe -l 1-40


Affects (-a): hit_points, hit_regen, mana_points, mana_regen, move_points,
move_regen, strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, constitution, magic,
fire, cold, electricity, mind, acid, age, hitroll, damroll

Wear Locations (-w): finger, neck, body, head, legs, feet, hands, arms, waist,
wrist, right_hand, left_hand, floating, horse_body, horse_back, horse_foot

Anti-Flags (-f): anti-human, anti-elf, anti-gnome, anti-dwarf, anti-halfling,
anti-ent, anti-centaur, anti-lizardman, anti-ogre, anti-troll, anti-orc, anti-
goblin, anti-vyan, anti-mage, anti-cleric, anti-thief, anti-warrior, anti-
paladin, anti-ranger, anti-druid, anti-monk, anti-bard, anti-male, anti-
femaile, anti-good, anti-evil, only-good-evil, anti-lawful, anti-chaotic,

Restriction Flags (-r): bladed, no_hide, no_sneak, dishonorable

Material Flags (-m): adamantine, bone, brass, bronze, cloth, copper, electrum,
flesh, glass, gold, ice, iron, krynite, leather, mithril, organic, paper,
platinum, silver, steel, stone, tin, titanium, wood, zinc

Item Types (-t): scroll, wand, weapon, armor, potion, key, other

Weapon Classes (-W): axe, bow, club, dagger, mace, polearm, spear, staff,
sword, whip, unarmed