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shuffle : return all cards to the deck
strip : remove the jokers from the deck
deal [-a] : deal cards, see help deal
get hand : remove undesirable cards from your hand
reveal hand : show everyone in the room what you have
show hand : same as reveal
discard hand : slough your hand without anyone seeing it
fold hand : same as discard
remove hand : same as discard


Decks of playing cards on TFE can be used for games of chance, such as poker
or blackjack, or other games invented by players.

In order to deal from a deck of cards, hold it in your left hand and use the
"deal" command. Each player you deal to will need an empty right hand, to
receive the cards.

Shuffling the deck places all the cards back into the deck, but doesn't take
cards away from players. That would be impossible, since players can wander
away, or even quit, with cards from your deck during the game. However, when
you start a new game and deal to a player still holding cards, you will be
unable to since you don't use "deal -a" on the first hand... you can ask them
to discard their hand or leave the game at that time.

IMPORTANT: If you join a card game, make sure you have "message equipment
3"... or else the dealer can remove the deck and hold a new one without you

The suits, from highest to lowest, are:

There are four face cards in each suit, from highest (13) to lowest (10):

The one-card (Ace) is called the Star.

See also: help deal.