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To own a yard, you must first own a house. A yard can be anything really,
consider it a generic term that covers a room used that is not a place you
would sleep and live as such, but adds character and interest, and could even
allow you to follow your hobbies and interests.

For example, you could have a traditional wooden house with a traditional
outdoor garden where you can grow some roses and tomatoes. Or maybe you like
the idea of developing a new breed of cow or a new apple variation so you
would like a farm. Or you may like to mine for that elusive seam of rare gems
that are rumoured to be in the caves near your mountain cabin. Or maybe you
have uncovered a way to access the ethereal plane. Or maybe you wish to build
a chapel to your favourite deity.

At the time that you build your yard you can choose for it to be private and
therefore only accessible by yourself, you can make it a public area where
other players can freely enter your yard, or you could have a semi-private
yard where you can allow limited access. Please note that should you choose
to make your yard public you will not have any real control over who exactly
ends up hanging out at your place. It is also
not the role of the Immortals
to evict any unwanted guests from your yard.

The following applies to yards:

* Yards must be adjacent to or linked to your house.
* Yards are only limited by your imagination as well as a few mud
* The same standards that apply to player houses apply to yards.
* Private and semi-private yards are included in the re-sale of a house.
* Public yards are not included in the resale of a house and will always be
associated with the original owner.
* The price listed in Player House Costs is to be considered a starting price.
* It is possible to have unique mobs, plants and items in your yard. See
Player House Costs


Read help files: Player House costs, Player Houses, How to Apply for a Player
House, Player House Room Standards, Re-sale of Houses and House Brownies.