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wimpy : list current wimpy settings
wimpy : sets your wimpy to kick in at a value
wimpy 0 : turns off that field


Wimpy causes you to automatically react when your hit points go below a
certain level. The value represents a percentage of your hit points. To
determine the exact number of hit points at which your wimpy will take effect,
multiply your maximum hit points by the percentage, then discard any
fractional part.

You will attempt to flee automatically, so remember to turn it off at the
appropriate times or it could get you into more trouble than the good it
may do.

Note that wimpy is
NOT failsafe, and comes with no ironclad
guarantees, but it's usually better than nothing.

The available fields are Flee, Blink, Pray and Recall. When your hit points
go below the value of a field, you will attempt to either flee, recite a
scroll of recall if you have one, pray to your diety, or cast the spell
'blink' if you are a mage. Again, this is not failsafe, so be warned.

Wimpy pray values above 33% provide no additional protection; you will not
automatically pray unless you have no more than 33% of your hp when not
fighting, or 25% when fighting, since your deity would always refuse to help
you anyway.