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Weather in this land is varied and complex. From the scorching, dry deserts,
to the perma-frost of the northern tundra, to the sopping-wet jungles and
swamps, there's a lot of climatic variety. Although weather conditions here
may seem random, certain sages and mad hermits claim they follow recognizable

The easiest way to see the weather is to set "opt 3", and the
weather will be described each time you see a room.

Temperature and Humidity

The interrelated levels of temperature and humidity are combined into single

<--dry humid-->
^ | arctic frigid freezing icy gelid
| | bleak nippy cold frosty dank
cold | crisp brisk cool clammy soggy
| very dry dry mild humid very humid
hot | arid balmy warm muggy sultry
| | scorching roasting hot sweltering boiling
v | parched sizzling very hot steamy oppressive

Clouds and Precipitation

The level of cloudiness is self-explanatory: clear, scattered clouds, partly
cloudy, mostly cloudy, or overcast. Clouds decrease the amount of light
provided by the sun and moon. When it's overcast, you will be unable to see
the moon, and it will be difficult to determine the time of day.


Wind speed is shown in the box according to a modified Beaufort

Number Name MPH
0 calm < 1
1 light air 1-4
2 light breeze 4-8
3 gentle breeze 8-13
4 moderate breeze 13-19
5 fresh breeze 19-25
6 strong breeze 25-32
7 moderate gale 32-39
8 gale 39-47
9 strong gale 47-55
10 storm 55-64
11 violent storm 64-74
12 hurricane > 74

Druids, and those interested in druidic magic, should read help files on
druids, weather_magic, and storm_spells.