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Vaasa Village

If you're looking for information on The Vaasa forest then view the help for
"The Vaasa". This is the help for the llewyrr village for elves in the Vaasa.

The Vaasa is an unusual village. It is far less linear that most other
villages making mapping far from simple. There are places to go up and places
to go down, twists, turns and other nooks to contend with. It is also largely
limited to its elvish population as it is the home of the llewyrr (elvish)
nation, although, ents are known to frequent it from time to time as well.

The map displayed is the main level of town, however, some locations listed
are actually located directly above, below, or generally near to the listed
shop. It is up to the reader to determine how best to reach them. Good

The exact location of the Vaasa village is a closely guarded secret of the
llewyrr. Young elves (rank 20 and below) and ents, every strong allies of the
llewyrr, are given a hint when they pass close enough to the entrance. It is
also strongly cautioned that visitors to the Vaasa not confuse the Vaasa
Village with Quiet Elf Village also within the Vaasa forest. Once a truly
quiet place of peace the Quiet Elf Village can be a dangerous place to unwary
visitors. (Quiet Elf Village is flagged for PvP and other players can attack
and kill your character)

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