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Ulthi, god of Chaos, is called the Destroyer by both foe and follower alike.
He appears in many different forms, favoring those forms that are strong and
with great capacity for destruction. Ancient writings tell of him animating a
giant gargoyle off of a temple to one of the other gods, and destroying the
entire city.

He is the god of chaos, of utter destruction, changing, and of ending. His is
a difficult name to mention, for like as not, you will draw his capricious and
malicious attention. His sworn foe is Algesa, and he hates her and her
followers with a passion. Meriada also suffers his dislike, as the order she
brings to magic and time are anathema. Lonil and the gods of Light
universally consider Ulthi a foe, and for an unclear reason he sumbits
nominally to Temohpab's domination of the Dark Gods.

Ulthi's symbol is a circle missing an arc towards the top-right.

Very few of the light races follow Ulthi, nor do vyans, elves, or lizardmen.
Most often, those who honor Ulthi are trolls, orcs, ogres, or goblins. He
accepts followers who are devoted to chaos, as he cannot abide by law in any
forms, even in passing.

Allowed worshipper alignment: any chaotic (CG, CN, CE)