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Average Statistics for Trolls

Height: males about 6'4" - 7'4"
females: about 6'6" - 7'6"

Hair: Swamp trolls tend to have black hair, not always on their
head. What hair grows on them is either greasy or coarse.
Ice trolls of the north have white hair, with at least
more on their head than elsewhere.

Eyes: All trolls have beady little black or red eyes with very small pupils.
Essentially there is no iris, just the red or black around the pupil.
Affiliation: trolls are a dark race.

Appearance: Trolls have green skin in a variety of hues (though none are
what would be called vibrant, verdant, bright, neon, or electric green).
They are often warty or have cancerous appearing growths, though these do
not seem to affect their health negatively in any way, rather it appears
to be an excess product of their ability to regenerate. Trolls almost
never have any scars, as they heal so incredibly well. For a race that
is typically foul, corrupt and evil they have incongruous gift of
incredible regeneration but it comes at the cost of a never-ending hunger.

Ice trolls tend to have duller, paler skin that is typically dry. Their
hair is coarse and bushy. Swamp trolls tend to have darker shades of
skin and greasy, sparse hair.

Optional Advice on Role Playing a Troll

Trolls are known to be big, slow lumbering behemoths whose sole goal in
life is to feed their never-ending appetite. Fortunately for them, just
about anything short of stone is considered edible and their metabolisms
are quite happy to oblige in that regard. While an uprooted shrub or
forgotten bit of clothing makes an adequate snack, the best food is
something you just killed yourself. While some trolls have finally
managed to figure out that skinning an animal might provide fur you can
sell for even better tasting meat, most still prefer to just eat the
corpse outright. After all, not much tastes better than a fresh kill
whose blood is still warm. The fact that you just killed it yourself,
somewhat sating an almost equal appetite for destruction is just spice for
the flavoring.

Two varieties of troll have developed in the realm, though both races
share a few common characteristics. Hunger, the ability to heal, and a
complete loathing for sunlight. All trolls prefer the dark of a nice
cave to the painful light of day. They also all share a deep-rooted fear
of fire as it has the ability to harm them and is about the only thing
likely to scar a troll.

Swamp trolls are the more common variety when seen at all, tending
towards solitary life. They are fairly anti-social, even among their own
kind and like to live under the exposed roots of large swamp trees or
under bridges. They are quick to anger, quick to kill things, and
insufferably monotonous. They are poor conversationalists with
communication skills often extending at best to grunts and simple

Ice trolls, also called northern trolls, are found primarily in the upper
Cairn mountains and, infrequently, in the Dragonspire mountains. Unlike
their swampland cousins, they share a common social structure and tend to
live in small familial groups in the mountain caves. Though they still
share a fairly low level of communication, they are at least known to
have a limited vocabulary making them seem leaps and bounds ahead of
their swampland cousins. Ice trolls tend to be more intellectually
advanced, which still isn't saying much, heartier in survival, but
smaller, weaker and less brutal in comparison to their cousins.

Racial Relations:
Trolls are typically a solitary breed, though they rarely fight with
other trolls when they do meet.

Vyans are considered untrustworthy schemers, though useful allies in dire

Goblins are only useful as lackeys and servants.

Orcs make useful allies and fair-to-middling hunting partners
particularly when the quarry is elves.

Short of other trolls, ogres make the best companions as they share the
trolls' lack of love for conversation and their love of carnage.

Elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings are despised as legions of light
and order as much as their tendency to get in the way of a good meal.
Fortunately they, themselves make excellent meals. Provided they didn't
bring fire, one meal is as good as another.

The best thing about ents is provoking them. After all, they look so
much like trolls that they must be related. Trolls just can't figure out
what's wrong with them that they serve light and goodness. As they are
typically slow to anger, trolls get great mirth out of trying to convert
ents. A lack of vocabulary simply means this usually take the form of
offering ents ample bloody meals, which they invariable refuse. The look
of tormented sadness in their eyes as they consider the harm you caused
to living beings in obtaining the meat is about as much fun to see as it
is getting the meat in the first place.

The best thing about humans is the fact that they keep building bridge to
hide under and most of them are too weak to harm a troll. The end result
is that they build trolls fabulous homes then pay them to walk over them
and if they refuse to pay they try to cross anyway making a never-ending
supply of meals that come to your very own front door. The occasional
human turns to the dark side and makes for an interesting hunting
companion as they can be quite inventive in their destructiveness.