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This is a current list of towns, their current status, and which race
dwells in each. This list is under construction constantly so be aware
things do move.

[Humans: Secomber]

The city of Chiiron lies a few miles west of the Sea of Stars. This city
is the primary home of the humans in this region of the realms. Although
it started out as a trading post Chiiron quickly grew to be a thriving
community and welcomes all light races. Chiiron is also the starting
point for many new and brave adventurers.

[Humans: Secomber]

Medienne was once a thriving merchant community until a long and deadly
war with the neighboring elves ravaged the city. The city has slowly begun
to rebuild itself to the former glory but is also in constant danger due to
the nearby forest and graveyard filled with many dangerous monsters.
Despite its hazardous locale many adventurers call Medienne home due to its
tolerance for both light and dark races.

[Dark Races]

Darkhaven is a small underground city which is home to the evil beings of
the realms. Many humans, vyans, ogres, trolls and the like call this city
home due to its hidden location. No light race has ever ventured into
the city and returned to tell what lies inside it.

[Humans: Secomber]

Pennan is a very large farming community a few miles west of Chiiron. Surrounding
the city are lush, green hills which the farmers of the town allow their
herds to graze. Pennan is under constant attack by the many monsters which live
dangerous close to its walls. Pennan is known for their superior armorsmiths
which have setup shops and make finely crafted armors.

[Dwarves: Khedrun]

Nestled deep inside the Cairn Mountains lies the dwarven stronghold known
as Kha-Da. The city is home to superior dwarven armorsmiths and weaponsmiths.
A few dwarves call this city home as is it so isolated that it rarely
has any trouble from the nearby monsters.

[Orcs: Azak]

Brithbarad is a large orcish outpost several miles north of the Black Hills.
The outpost is surrounded by grassy plain regions home to several varieties
of dangerous animals. Many dark races as well as orcs call this home due to
the tolerance the orcs have for other races which someday may be
needed as allies.

[Ogres: Karse]

Located in the side of the Dragonspire Mountains, this ruined town was once
a thriving human settlement. After several brutal battles, the ogres of the
land slaughtered all the townsfolk and claimed it as their own. Since then it
has become more decrepit and ruined. The main home for ogres, the town also
holds a tolerance for other dark races.

[Elves: Eleint]

Little is known about this elven city for only a selected few of non-elven heritage
have ventured into it. Those that have seen it have come back to tell about
its beautiful view overlooking the Vaasa and its marvelous construction.
Hidden among the trees only elves seem to be able to find its extremely well
hidden locale.

[Lizardmen: Stahl]

Most would call the Kss'sk swamp a dark, damp creation where only monsters
and leeches dwell, but to the lizardmen, the swamp is known as home. Nestled
within the swamp is the lizardman city of Sos-Kul. Although not as advanced
as other races, the lizardmen pride themselves upon being able to live
in such an unforgiving environment. The city lies far to the south and the path
is dangerous to all but the most experienced adventurer.

[Dark Races]

Voaleth is an underground city which is home to many of the dark races of the
realms. Many vyans, ogres, trolls, orcs, goblins and even a few humans of
darker intent call this city home. Its location is hidden but is rumored to
dwell somewhere deep in the heart of the Dragonspire mountains.

[Ents: Ueschel]

Also known as the city without walls, many consider Ent'moot little more than
a gathering of Ents in one location. Ents themselves view it as sacred ground
given into their guardianship from time before memory. Ent'moot is located in
the Vaasa overlooking one of the widest stretches of the great Windlass river.

[Humans: Independent]

A city founded in the heart of the Naraki desert, its people are fiercely
independent from other nations. Narak has weathered many hardships to become
the strong people that it now is, home to a thousand wonders and a thousand
hidden dangers. Many come from all places across the realm to sample this
mysterious city's delights.