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title : sets your title
title -x : sets your title


Once your appearance has been approved, you may set your own title. Your
title is listed next to your name in the 'who' command display. Common sense,
decorum, courtesy and all mud rules apply to what you may put in your title.
As your title is "public" for all to see, it must be treated as a public
channel. That means good clean fun; vulgarity and the like will not be
tolerated. Other than that, feel free to use it as another way to role-play,
or further personalize your character.

Starting your title with a comma, apostrophe, period, or colon prevents a
space from being inserted in the "who" list following your name. This allows
your listing to appear as, for example, "Joe, Guardian of the Realm", "Joe's a
Dragon Killer", or "Joe: Slayer of Evil-doers". If you want to include the
space anyway, use the -x flag.

See also: approvals, who.