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Phule's Phive Laws of MUDding

This helpfile is intended to help those new to The Forest's Edge get their
feet wet. Just read these 5 laws before starting your adevnture, and don't
forget: have fun!

Law 1: Self-Preservation. Set your wimpy. What "wimpy" does is
engage character to try to start running away whenever he (or she, of
course) is beaten down to 8 hit points. Setting your wimpy has Phule's
personal guarantee to save your life at least once, but remember, don't
simply rely on wimpy to get you out of a tight spot.
Fleeing (typing
"flee") will also get you to protect your tender hide.

Law 2: Con before kill. Before you even *think* about attacking a
mob, always try to guage your chances against it. To do this type "con
monster_name" -- perhaps "con goat" -- and hit enter. This will make
your character "consider" his/her chance of success against that monster
in a fight. To start a fight with a monster you come accross, type "kill

Law 3: Sustenance. You may have received a message that you were
feeling hungry or thirsty. Here at TFE you must eat and drink to be
merry. Water is readily available from city fountains, and many rivers
and brooks also carry cool, refreshing water for your parched lips. Food
can be a recently fallen apple, or a loaf of bread you can pick up from a
table. Just type "eat bread" or "drink fountain" to eat and drink.

Law 4: Clean up your messes. After you've successfully killed a
monster, you may get more use out if than the simple experience points
you received. Many corpses, such as those left by rabbits or foxes, can
be skinned to produce valuable pelts or meat. Just type "skin corpse"
after the fight has ended.

Law 5: Practice before you preach. To achieve the best success here
at TFE, you need to
practice and hone your skills. For instance,
you'll have to learn to use that shiny new sword before it will do you
much good. Many shopkeepers and special NPC's (non-player characters)
have been around and might teach you a thing or two. Just type "prac" in
a room where you think one of these trainers is. If you can be taught
there, a list of skills will appear. Type "prac skill_name" to train in
that skill. Type "abil" to see a list of your abilites which can be

See also 'help starting' and 'help begin'