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time -z : set your time zone


This command sets your time zone in the real world, so that the %T field in
your prompt string will be correct. This setting also affects what time is
displayed for notes and mail, and commands like "whois" and "last".

The zone name is case sensitive. "America/Denver" will work, but
"america/denver" will not.

Although there are only 24 hours on our mother Earth, there are millions of
lawyers and politicians; so we have literally hundreds of distinct time zones.


time -z MST7MDT
time -z EST5EDT
time -z CST6CDT
time -z PST8PDT
time -z America/Denver
time -z America/New_York
time -z America/Indiana/Marengo
time -z GMT+3
time -z Indian/Antananarivo
time -z Asia/Baghdad
time -z Atlantic/Bermuda (I wish)
time -z Singapore
time -z Japan
time -z Australia/Canberra
time -z Australia/Lord_Howe

See also: help prompt, help time zones