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Temohpab, the Black Unicorn, the Peacock King, the Dark Lord, also known by
some as He Whose Name Should Not Be Spoken, is the god of evil and darkness.
In legend, he appeared to his followers as a terrible knight clad in blackest
plate wielding a sword that was pain to even look upon. The Black Unicorn is
his name from the creature he became, a terribly evil yet terribly beautiful
creature sister to Cynnis' chosen. The Peacock King is a mysterious human
figure, fair of hair and countenance, with eyes of a green-blue over gold,
much like the eye of a peacock feather.

He is god of darkness and evil, and relishes both. He does not seek the
destruction of all, however, as that province is more aptly Ulthi's. He
wishes to cover the world with darkness, enslaving those who resist and
reforming it in his image. He is Lord over the other evil gods, and chooses
not to share his domain with a Queen. This causes division and strife among
the dark goddesses, which he enjoys immensely. He is foe to the gods of
Light, and Meriada is often overwhelmed by his unbalancing ways.

His symbol is the Black Unicorn, rampant, unadorned.

He accepts any person not of the light as worshipper, though he prefers those
wholly given to darkness.

Allowed worshipper alignment: any non-good (LN, PN, CN, LE, NE, CE)