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Taranth, the Lady of Peace, is revered as the Goddess of Healing and Serenity.
Favoring the appearance of a young human maiden with flaxen blonde hair and
sky-blue eyes, she looks very much like a sister of Lonil. She typically
appears clad merely in simple white robes tied with a sash of her signature
ivy leaves. Every sighting of Taranth has reported her barefoot, as if she
has no fear the earth itself would ever harm her.

Taranth is the most pure-hearted of all of the gods and is devoted only to
life. Through healing, peace and charity, she seeks to better the lives of
all creatures, both those of the Darkness and the Light. Though she is
sometimes refered to as the sister of Lonil, it is unclear whether or not she
actually is. Writings do often tell of her calling him "Brother," and the
closeness of the bond they share is undeniable. Other writings speculate that
this, however, may be more due to Taranath's pure, innocent outlook than any
blood relation.

In an alliance older than mortal writings and recollection, Kerog has declared
Taranth under his protection. The Red Wind has even done battle against other
gods for the protection of Taranth, and will allow none to bring her harm.
The details and origins of the agreement between Taranth and Kerog are
unclear, however, their union has produced three daughters: the Twins, Tarafas
and Tarayla, now known as Iniara, and Anor, the child-like Goddess of Love.
Kerog's followers are sworn to raise no hand to any disciple of Taranth and in
return, the healers of the Lady of Peace have sworn to heal the wounds of all
involved in battle, whether their motives be fair or foul. Such is the
respect for life shared by all of Taranth's worshippers that they will heal
even the most malevolent of evils in the sincere belief that none is too far
gone to the Shadow that they may not return to the Light. To these chosen
few, all life is sacred.

Though Morkith considers himself foe to Taranth and the life she so cherishes,
the Lady of Peace holds nothing but pity for his misguided ways and still
grants the arts of healing to his followers. Too, many of the devotees of
Iniara revile Taranth and seek revenge for the perceived wrong she did to the
Dark Mistress in the past, but Taranth holds these too close to her heart,
constantly seeking any way to bring her malicious child back to the Light.

Taranth's symbol is simply that of a dove wreathed in leaves of ivy, though
the dove and ivy leaves are used individually as stylized representations of

Taranth accepts only those who hold life sacred above all into her worship.
She cannot understand what drives people to devote their lives solely to war;
as such, she does not accept warriors into her service. Thieves, too, do not
number among those she welcomes within her flock, though none who truly need
her healing will be denied.

Allowed worshipper alignment: Any non-evil (LG, NG, LN, PN)