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This mud expects a syntax of input slightly different than most muds, which
can be confusing at first. There are special characters that must be used in
conjunction with certain commands to either distinguish between items with
similar names, or do an action to multiple items.

There are many objects in the mud that have almost identical names. For
example, if you have a short sword and a long sword in your inventory, typing
'look sword' might not look at the correct sword. To look specifically at the
long sword, you would put a period in between the words of the object's name.
So, 'look long.sword' would look at the long sword. If you wanted to
buy a
soft leather jacket and not a hard leather jacket, you would type 'buy

Often, you will want to do something with many of the same type of item. To
get, give, drop,
sell, or buy many of the same type of item, you would use the
'*' character in front of the object's name, in the form x*, x being
the number of that object. For example, to drop 10 copper pieces, you would
type 'drop 10*copper'. To buy 3 wooden shields, you would type 'buy

The prefix 'all' is also used. To sell all the skins in your inventory, you
would type 'sell'. HOWEVER, 'all' can be used in two ways. To get
all the objects from your bag, you would type 'get all bag'. But, to get all
the bags in the room, you would type 'get all.bag'.

Finally, you can use a comma to group objects that don't have keywords in
common. For example, if you want to drop a bronze sword and 5 pebbles, you
can use "drop bronze.sword,5*pebble".