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Welcome to The Forest's Edge!

Here are some things that you need to know about the world around you.

* The town you started in has a map. To see it, type help -city-name-
For example, help Chiiron or help Voaleth. This will help you
successfully navigate your way around.

* After you have explored a few rooms, use the atlas command to view a
map of the rooms you have explored so far.

* Explore shops and type list to see the goods for sale, and type custom to
see if any custom-made items are offered. You can ask shopkeepers for more
information about most items they sell or custom. Use the catalog command to
access this information later.

* Some shopkeepers and NPCs can teach you skills/spells. Type practice to see
what they have to offer.

* There is a being in each town who will give you advice and answer a few
questions. In Chiiron, for example, it is the weary elf who will greet you.
When he does, type ask elf advice and he will tell you a bit about your

* Before you venture out of the city, read help religions and pick a deity
so that you can pray if you get into trouble.

* Starving to death or dying of thirst are very real possibilities here.
Make sure you stock up on food and drink before you head out of town.

* It is probably in your best interest to stay near your starting town for
your first few levels. Consider mobs before attacking them.

* Some mobs may be skinned to produce pelts or other items. See help skin.

* Important commands which you should learn to check frequently are
inventory, scan, consider, flee, score, and identity.

* Magic using classes should be aware of cast and leech.

* For information on skills, read help abilities.

* Before you can advance past level 5, you will need to get your character
approved. See help approvals and follow the directions therein when you
get the opportunity.

* Global public channels are chat, gossip, OOC (out of character), newbie,
and atalk (the auction channel). Immortals generally only respond to
requests made with the request command and the newbie channel.

* To learn more about TFE's polices, read help policies and help procedures.

* Players using screen readers or similar devices/software should read help accessibility.