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Welcome to The Forest's Edge!

Here are some things that you need to know about the world around you.

* The town you started in has a map. To see it, type help -city-name-
For example, help Chiiron or help Voaleth. This will help you
successfully navigate your way around.

* After you have explored a few rooms, use the atlas command to view a
map of the rooms you have explored so far.

* Explore shops and type list to see the goods for sale, and type custom to
see if any custom-made items are offered. Type practice to see if the
shopkeeper is able to train you in a skill or spell.

* There is a being in each town who will give you advice and answer a few
questions. In Chiiron, for example, it is the weary elf who will greet you.
When he does, type ask elf advice and he will tell you a bit about your

* Before you venture out of the city, read help religions and pick a deity
so that you can pray if you get into trouble.

* Starving to death or dying of thirst are very real possibilities here.
Make sure you stock up on food and drink before you head out of town.

* It is probably in your best interest to stay near your starting town for
your first few levels. Consider mobs before attacking them.

* Some mobs may be skinned to produce pelts or other items. See help skin.

* Important commands which you should learn to check frequently are score,
inventory, leech, identity, and scan.

* For information on skills, read help abilities.

* Before you can advance past level 5, you will need to get your character
approved. See help approvals and follow the directions therein when you
get the opportunity.

* Global public channels are chat, gossip, OOC (out of character), newbie,
and atalk (the auction channel). Immortals generally only listen to Gossip
and Newbie.

* To learn more about TFE's polices, read help policies and help procedures.