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Sst'rasa is the goddess of the lizardfolk. She is always depicted as a fierce
lizardwoman warrior, with a spear in one hand and claws bared in the other.
Her scales encompass all the shades of green, while her spines and claws are
black as pitch. Ruby eyes gleam brightly around the dark, slitted pupils of
the lizardman race. Her green scales pattern themselves into a pattern of
interlocking diamonds.

Sst'rasa concerns herself only with her people, considering the other gods
foolish for wasting their time with inferior creatures and goals. She is the
embodiment of the twin drives of passion and wisdom within the soul of all
lizardfolk. Allying herself with none of the gods, she also considers none of
them her foes, save that they leave her people alone. Most of the other gods
comply, however, their followers and races do not. Sst'rasa has been known to
call her lizardfolk to battle any outside force entering their swamp, and the
city, Sos-kul.

Her symbol is an equilateral diamond, point up, usually in the red of her
eyes against a green background of her scales. Any lizardfolk born with a
diamond pattern in their scales is considered lucky, and is often trained as a
cleric of Sst'rasa.

The Scaled One, as she is referred to by the other gods, accepts only
lizardfolk as followers. She will accept any lizardman of any alignment.

Allowed worshipper alignment: any