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Slen, Lady Luck, Mistress of Chance, The Balance in the Scales

The names mortals call her are many, either in adoration or distain. Her
favor is seen in an unexpectedly found coin, a hole in one's coinpurse, and a
throw of the dice that leaves them balanced on end. She appears most often as
a middle-aged human woman, stoutly built, with short hair and bright emerald

The goddess of whim and fancy, Slen lends her favor to those who need it, but
only so far as to keep the balance of light and darkness. It is said that no
run of luck lasts forever, for better or worse. Slen is praised as the spirit
of boons and unexpected windfalls, and cursed as the mistress of risky
ventures gone bad and misfortune of yields.

The symbol of Slen is a coin, divided in half; one half is pure white, the
other is raven black. She claims alliance to none, preferring the balance
between. She is truly impartial as to the alignment, race, and class of her

Allowed worshipper alignment: any